Sunday, 22 April 2007

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed …

A connoisseur
of the consumer society
Collector of pegs, plastic
and precious cobalt antiques
Finder of lost marble memories

Indigo eye ego artist
‘stick figure with charcoal wash’
An amorous avenue for
feather dancing to liquid song
the bower of babble on

Cryptic green female critics
searching for …

Something blue.


Copyright Glenn Albrecht 2007

Image from:
With thanks to The Australian Museum.

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  1. Love the poem. And now (following on from your post about soundscapes) I just have to add another sound to the collection.

    We have a large population of bower birds around here (central west NSW), as well as a sawmill. The bowerbirds have learned to imitate the sound of the chainsaws. That "song" took my breath away when I first heard it. (I've read that a hundred years ago the local bowerbirds used to imitate the sound of stockwhips).

    The sound of a bowebird imitating the sound of a human cutting down its habitat is ... solastalgic.


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