Thursday, 15 November 2012

Terraphthora and Terranascia

The whole of the psychoterratic drama can be circumscribed within the poles of :

Terraphthora (earth destroyer)  (tera for ra)
(Terra, from the Latin “earth”, the Greek φθορά (phthorá) or “destruction”).

Terranascia  (earth creator) (tera nas cia)
(Terra, from the Latin “earth” and the Latin nātūra, “to be born”).

The drama between terraphthora and terranascia is now on! In all walks of life we can now evaluate what is going on, what are the motivations of people and what actions lead to one type of outcome or another?

Come on ye artists, craftists, dramatists, songwriters, musicians, composers, poets, novelists, filmmakers, , singers and rappers. Now is the time to line up ... what side are you on?

Perhaps academics and policy makers could also tune into this new language for and of the Earth.

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