Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Creating The Symbiocene

In order to have hope and to be able to convert that hope into meaningful change we must imagine a new meme, one that clearly signposts and paves the way to a good future beyond The Anthropocene. Let us try and imagine The Symbiocene. The Symbiocene will be characterised by a form of human intelligence that replicates in society the symbiotic and life reproducing processes to be found in life and natural systems. The vital elements of The Symbiocene might include, full recyclability of all inputs and outputs and the elimination of all forms of toxic pollution, safe and socially just renewable energy (preferably produced from that safe and distant nuclear reactor, the sun), full and harmonious integration with physical and living systems at all scales and the minimisation of entropy in all aspects of human enterprise. Such imagination includes all of our cultural and artistic responses to the challenge of creating The Symbiocene.
Once our children are empowered with this vision of the future, they will have the emotional energy to create it.