Saturday, 30 November 2013


A form of symbionist social, cultural and literary criticism that evaluates all contributions from the perspective of their awareness of:

  • The degree of interconnectedness between the social world and the biological and ecological systems that support it
  • The need to see interconnectedness between current and future generations of humans
  • The ability to see the levels of exclusion and inclusion in the degree of interconnectedness in current generations
  • The level of awareness of the interconnectedness between different types of beings on this planet
  • The ability to convey the idea of a community of beings living together on this Earth
  • The contribution to the idea of sumbiosic development and the goal of living within the symbionment and The Symbiocene.

From sumbiosic: 
Those cumulative types of active and purposive relationships and attributes created by humans that enhance mutual interdependence and mutual benefit for all living beings so as to conserve and maximise a state of sumbiosity.
{Greek sumbiosis, companionship, Greek sumbios = living together, Greek bios = life, Greek suffix ic = adjective form of sumbiosity, Pronunciation: ‘soom-bi-o-sic’}