Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dear Donald

Donald Trump,

President-elect, The United States of America.

Dear Donald,

We both have important jobs to do, you running the USA while I look after Wallaby Farm here in Australia. You have what appears to be a large family full of children and grandchildren and I am sure you will be looking after them, as any good man will do.
One way to look after your family is to protect them, like any good father will do, when danger threatens to make their lives uncomfortable or risky. From where I sit here at Wallaby Farm, there is a real and ominous threat to your family, one that I am sure you would not wish to ignore.
I am worried that your children and grandchildren, and mine, will be badly affected by climate change and its attendant global warming. Likewise, I worry that your own children and grandchildren, and mine, will have to live within a world that is so rapidly changing for the worse, that they will experience serious crises that include; extreme weather, food shortages, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and species extinction.
Donald, I am a philosopher, so not in a good position to make hard and fast judgement about science and facts, but I read a lot and take on-board explicit warnings about the future from a huge number of well-educated and informed experts in the field of climate science. They are almost unanimous in their judgement that the Earth is warming, the warming is dangerous and that human generated pollution is the major cause.
Given that we both love our children and grandchildren, I am confident that you will work as hard as I do to protect yours from harm’s way. I have already made Wallaby Farm a place that runs on safe renewable energy; you have the unique opportunity to make the world run on safe renewable energy.
Let’s work together for the safety and security of our children and our grandchildren.
Kind Regards,
Glenn A Albrecht.
Wallaby Farm, NSW, Australia.